New Family Violence Screening Tool

Recent Changes to Domestic and Family Violence Law in Qld


The Family Law Section

of the Law Council of Australia has indicated that as of April 2015, the Child Dispute Services section in the Brisbane and Melbourne Registries of the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court of Australia will be trialing a new approach to identifying risks for clients attending (s11F) Child Inclusive Conferences with a Family Consultant.

The pilot will involve parties being sent via email a link to an online set of questions regarding their experience/s of family violence. Their responses will be forwarded to the Family Consultant who conducts their conference and the information will be used to help the clinician most effectively explore any concerns with the parties during their individual interviews.

The process will run simultaneously with the “Notice of Risk” that all litigants must also complete, and will be used primarily in a clinical context for parties that undertake an assessment with Child Dispute Services.