About Emerson Family Law

As one of the leading boutique Specialist Family Law practices in Brisbane, our vision at Emerson Family Law is to become the premier family law service provider for parties experiencing the devastation of separation.

Our aim is to create and uphold a culture where clients may be assured of comprehensive advice in relation to their entitlements under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) with principles of justice and equity in mind.

Our Mission – Integrity. Compassion. Resolution


Our team has over 70 years of combined experience amongst us and with this powerful knowledge base, one thing is abundantly clear – integrity is everything.

Family law, as a distinct area of law, and its members/practitioners, have the capacity to affect societal norms and attitudes towards the family unit, marriage and children etc… We practice in a ‘special’ jurisdiction, which attracts certain social and moral responsibilities.

As a firm, we are not in the business of exploiting parties’ heightened emotions to our own advantage; rather, we are dedicated to assisting parties, particularly where children are involved, to traverse the murky waters of separation and come out with the necessary tools to move forward.


At Emerson Family Law, we recognise that as family lawyers we cannot remove the human element from what we do.

All our solicitors have been retained on the basis that they have the necessary insight and sensitivity to help you work through separation related issues so that you may move on with your life and look to the future.

We believe in empowering our clients when it comes to their family law matter. We understand that clients must be treated with compassion and empathy due to the upheaval they are experiencing when they come to see us.

Following the initial consultation we determine which solicitor will be most suited to the client and their needs.


We can legitimately claim distinction from our colleagues in our firm’s settlement focus.

As a firm, we have been known for our collaborative approach as well as our track record in successfully negotiating out of court settlements. Three out of our four solicitors have completed accredited mediation training with a true commitment to negotiated outcomes.

As stated previously, we believe in empowering our clients when it comes to their family law matter. Not only is this achieved by maintaining a compassionate and empathic approach but also by educating clients about various settlement avenues along the way.

The beauty of mediation is that the parties retain a certain level of control as to the outcome of settlement. In court room decisions, the parties are in the judicial officer’s hands, who will make a determination about their children and their property.

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