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Emerson Family Law is a boutique firm, which continues to represent numerous clients in relation to all aspects of separation. With over 70 years of combined experience in the industry, our team of family lawyers provide professional guidance and counsel for those who need it most, always aiming to achieve the most favourable results for our clients and their loved ones.

Family law specialists that look after your best interests

It is this level of commitment that has earned us a reputation for exceptional client service over the years, making us the firm of choice for people experiencing the devastation of separation.As a team of highly trained family lawyers , we assist families and clients throughout Brisbane. We offer a full range of family law services to our clients who may be applying for a divorce, negotiating a property settlement, determining child custody or parenting arrangements for their children, and planning their estate.

Understanding that each of these options can be difficult for families and loved ones to go through, we approach every case with a combination of compassion, professionalism and commitment, working hard to deliver the results that you want and need.

Why we are known as reliable family lawyers

We aim to be the specialists of choice for people who are experiencing the difficult and often overwhelming process of separation and divorce. For many years we have been the family law specialists that people throughout Brisbane and surrounding areas turn to for reliable and caring counsel, guiding them through cases that can at times be overwhelming both physically and emotionally. By aiming to deliver an experience that is as seamless as possible, we endeavour to reach a resolution that puts you and your family’s best interests first.

Our News and Updates

Child Support What you need to know

Child support stems from the fundamental principle that “each parent of a child has a duty to maintain their child.” Child Support Agreements After separation, parents, whether married or de facto, can reach an agreement regarding the type and level of child support that is paid from one parent (“the...

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The ABC’s of Family Law

Abuse – in relation to a child, means (for the purposes of the Family Law Act 1975): An assault, including a sexual assault, of the child; or A person (the first person) involving the child in a sexual activity with the first person or another person in which the child is used, directly or indirectly, as...

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Top 10 Family Law Myths

Myth 1: “The Mother always gets the kids. In Australia, a parent does not have legal “custody” (or any legal rights) over their child. There is no legal presumption that a child must (or should) live with the Mother and spend every second weekend and half of the school holidays...

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